Cobra King Wedge Review

    The Cobra King Wedge retails for $149 (MSRP) and it's designed and engineered for offering unparalleled precision and versatility on the golf course. After the King LTD driver and the King F6 range released last year, with the latest addition in their portfolio, the King Wedge respectively, Cobra covered the short game too, with a piece of golf gear available in three sole grind options, for suiting all swing styles and all types of turfs and or/golf course conditions. To put is simply, the King Wedge is all about helping you to get the optimal fit for your game, by allowing you to pick the best combo of grind, bounce and loft, in order to facilitate you attack more pins, to get up/down more often than you usually do and also to make more sand saves; actually, that's the “day-job” of all wedges generally speaking.

    But the Cobra King Wedge plays in its own league, being one of the best performing specialty wedges in the golf industry today, a magnificent result of Cobra's R&D team working together with tour players like Jonas Blixt, Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson. Cobra conducted extensive research and testing when creating the King Wedge, with the end result being a dramatically improved feel, together with great versatility, making for a wedge which totally boosts confidence on the golf course and allows you to hit all types of shots around the green. For helping you to fine tune your game, the King Wedge comes with 3 grind options: Classic, Versatile and WideLow. If you're playing on a medium to firm turf, the Versatile grind is best if you're a slider or you have a neutral attack angle. The progressive sole of the Classic grind can be used on all turf conditions by golfers with all swing types, while the WideLow setting has a wide sole which dramatically reduces bounce, offering tons of consistency on softer turfs. The faces of the Cobra King Wedge benefit from the company's proprietary progressive milled groove design, for promoting the optimum trajectory and spin, and the newly designed grooves work in tandem with the Variable Face Roughness, Cobra's patented milling technology, which maximizes the average face-roughness. Finally, the King Wedge offers twelve combinations of bounce, loft and grind and it comes in a beautiful satin-nickel chrome durable finish, which reduces glare.