Cleveland Golf NEW SMART SOLE 2.0 S WEDGE Review

    The Cleveland Golf NEW SMART SOLE 2.0 S is sold as a super-game improvement wedge and it retails for $129,99 (MSRP). What's the difference between the S and the C, you asked? Well, while the C variety is basically a chipper, the S is a wide soled wide faced sand wedge that will effortlessly allow you to get the ball out of the sand and right onto the green. Sounds impressive, right? Well, because it really is! Using the Cleveland Golf NEW SMART SOLE 2.0 S you'll never be embarrassed in front of your friends, and I refer to those awkward moments when you're getting stuck into the bunker for three of four shots, you know what I mean. The S features the same premium design and built quality, with that beautiful black satin finish, just like the C, having a distinctive and refined look, while the contrast between the wedge and the ball works miracles for your game play, i.e. it helps with alignment. The wedge also features an upgraded version of Cleveland Golf's proprietary technology, namely the “Feel Plaque”, which is built for dampening vibrations and improving the feel factor, along with providing unprecedented levels of consistency and forgiveness, due to its weights placed around the perimeter of the club.

    The Cleveland Golf NEW SMART SOLE 2.0 S is built for golfers with a twelve handicap or more, based on a statistic which proves that over half of them don't find the green when it comes to bunker shots. To help mitigate the problem, Cleveland Golf designed this wedge for addressing the aforementioned problem and after playing a few rounds with this baby, I can confirm you that they did a great job. Using the Cleveland Golf NEW SMART SOLE 2.0 S, you'll be able to get out from the sand quickly and effortlessly, at your first attempt, thus avoiding leaving it in the bunker. That's due to the wedge's sole design, which promotes consistent and better turf interaction , helping you to improve contact when it comes to short shots around the green.