Cleveland Golf NEW SMART SOLE 2.0 C WEDGE Review

    The Cleveland Golf NEW SMART SOLE 2.0 C wedges are retailing for $100 and they fall into the “smart sole wedges” category, or at least that's how Cleveland Golf advertises them. Regardless the marketing, these wedges are absolutely outstanding in terms of helping golf players to escape bunkers and also to mitigate (read eliminate) fat shots. Truth be told, Cleveland Golf did an awesome job with these smart soles, which also score high when it comes to fun-factor. If you're an above average golfer, you'll definitely enjoy these hacker-wedges, and you'll also have fun while playing, which is great in my book. When it comes to looks, these wedges feature a beautiful and sharp black satin finish, which confers them loads of sex-appeal for fashion conscious golfers, and that's despite the fact that the New Smart Sole 2.0 C wedges are designed for helping high handicap players.

    In terms of look at address, the New Smart Sole 2.0 C wedges feature a tad larger than average tear-drop shape, which is somehow unique in the wedges-world, due to its rather unusual shape, i.e. a relatively short face and a normal length (heel to toe). Looks aside, the New Smart Sole 2.0 C from Cleveland Golf are a huge step forward vs the previous generation when it comes to sound&feel. The feel is firm at impact, but it doesn't sound click-y nor hard; you'll notice a low pitch “thud” regardless where the ball strikes the face and the feedback level is decent, to say the least. In terms of performance, the New Smart Sole 2.0 C redefines fun, especially if you're that kind of player that tends to chunk his chips. Also,you're absolutely love the Smart Sole 2.0 C if bunkers make you feel like you're gonna' faint; in this situation, the New Smart Sole 2.0 C wedges are a must have, go shopping NOW! Bottom line, if you want to feel better when it comes to bunker shots (as in reducing your stress levels) and also if you're not comfortable with the short game, the New Smart Sole 2.0 C will definitely remove the word “chunk” from your chit-chat sessions with your friends!