Callaway Sure Out Wedge Review
©Callaway Golf

The Callaway Sure Out Wedge retails from $119.99 (MSRP) and it is the creation of Hank Haney, a world renowned golf instructor, working together with the company’s Research and Development engineers. The end result is a wedge that makes green-side shots amazingly easy to play, especially when it comes to shots from sand and rough. For generating high, easy and soft landing shots, the Callaway Sure Out Wedge boasts a high bounce sole and a new enhanced camber, which help it glide cleanly through sand, without requiring you to open the face at address. These features’ end result are easy explosions from green-side bunkers. Now, when it comes to optimizing distance control, the Callaway Sure Out Wedge comes with a larger-than-usual face area and a wider sole, which promote perfect face to ball contact.

The wedge’s 17 full face grooves deliver high spin, which comes handy for fast stopping shots, while its aggressive groove geometry is aimed at promoting very fast shot stopping spin on off center hits. It’s important to mention that the Callaway Sure Out Wedge was created to help golf players struggling with their short game, so keep that in mind for future reference. Also, remember that the Callaway Sure Out Wedge is especially helpful out of the sand, hence if you like to play on the beach, you should really put this baby on your short list. These features are due to the Callaway Sure Out Wedge’s wider than usual bounce on its sole, which allows you to slide it under the ball when hitting out of the rough/sand incredibly easy. Bottom line, due to its unique groove pattern and sole design, you may regard the Callaway Sure Out Wedge as a tool specially engineered to replace hours of practice in your not-so-great short game, and it’s a God-send for players who have issues with popping the ball out of the rough or escaping from green-side sand.