Callaway MD3 Milled Matte Black Wedges Review
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    The Callaway MD3 Milled Matte Black retails for $129,99 and it can be described as a performance-powerhouse simplified, for suiting every condition, every shot and every swing. It may sound pompous but that's the truth folks, check this out: this wedge comes with tons of options, like 2 finishes, 3 distinct sole grinds and lots of lofts (from forty to sixty degrees). High lofted wedges, low lofted and mid lofted are all equipped with a special/different groove design which is aimed to fulfill shot specific needs. The Callaway MD3 Milled Matte Black wedges are a huge step forward and a noticeable improvement over the previous generations. For starters, every Callaway MD3 Milled wedge comes with 4 colored ports located on its rear cavity and these areas were cleared from weight (it was removed) to offer the MD3 a higher toe design, which basically moves the CG (center of gravity) higher for offering more spin and lower launch, i.e. exactly what better players are demanding from their wedges. In their latest MD3 Milled Matte Black, Callaway created 3 specific groove patterns in order to improve both spin and launch, creating a wedge which is performs best on the more downward/aggressive strikes, which are a trade-mark of the clubs.

    In real-life situations, the grooves perform very well, especially when it comes to moving debris and moisture away from the ball, a feature which feels very nice in juicy lies around the green. The Callaway MD3 Milled Matte Black comes with 3 different sole grinds: S, C and W. The S is the most versatile of the bunch, offering consistent grind from tight lies and from the fairway on full swings and I bet it will fit like a glove for the vast majority of golf players. The C grind is perfect in firmer conditions, promoting versatility for golfers who prefer specialty shots around the green, while the W grind is ideal for bunker shots on messy lies and what not. If you like a teardrop shape at address, the Callaway MD3 Milled Matte Black are almost perfect aesthetically speaking, with a clean look and design, and it can be advertised as one of the best wedges Callaway produced in the past 10 years.