Volvik S 4 Top Rated GOLF BALL Review

    The Volvik S 4 is a Tour proven golf ball, designed and engineered for delivering next level -premium performance, maximizing control and distance.To achieve these goals, the company packed this baby with their latest and greatest technologies, including the world's first patented dual-power core,enriched with bismuth for providing greater explosiveness. Bismuth is a rare metal which was used in the Volvik S 4's built due to its exceptional characteristics. Unlike other metals, bismuth expands 3.5 percent in volume,translating into better energy transfer upon impact, thus delivering superior distance. The Volvik S 4 benefits from a tougher inner core working in tandem with a softer outer layer; this design feature gives the ball accurate flight stability, producing higher spin when you're using short irons and lower spin off the driver, promoting superior control, shot after shot, round after round.

    The unique formula used in the Volvik S 4's urethane cover gives the ball durability and a superior feel, together with optimal spin rates and spin control, and also an exceptionally soft feel. Basically, the Volvik S 4 is a players ball, featuring a 105 compression and a Tour proven four piece design, being an excellent choice for faster swing speeds, due to its reinforced urethane coating, which provides the optimal spin rates and the perfect feel if you're a fast swinger. The Volvik S 4 was created to meet the demands of golfers who have to mitigate the specific problems fast swingers face, I.e. too much spin, higher ball flights etc.And the Volvik S 4 manages to face these problems with flying colors,especially due to its bismuth enhanced core, which optimizes the energy transfer from the solid inner core to the softer outer layer, a state of the art technology, increasing distance in the process. Long story short, if you're seeking for the next level performance, the Volvik S 4 is the answer.

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