Vice Top Golf Ball Review

    Vice golf balls are trying to take on a giant , i.e. the ProV1 in three categories: image, performance and price. And the company is trying to carve deep into the golf market with their latest trio: the Vice Pro, Pro Plus and Pro Neon. With these three models, Vice managed to design and produce high performance pieces of golf gear at a lower price point when compared to Titleist. And the Germans who created the Vice trio knew exactly what golf players desire: a ball that plays and performs like the ProV1, but cheaper. And, if you'll try them, you'll not be disappointed a bit, as the Vice golf balls are lower priced than the Titleist, yet they perform great and they're way cooler. The Vice Pro is optimized for extreme performance and it's excellent around the greens as it features the company's proprietary stick to the green technology, which dramatically improves spin. The ball boasts a three piece construction and a cast urethane cover, for a responsive yet gentle feel and it retails for $24.95 a dozen (MSRP).

    The Vice Pro Plus features a four piece construction , it retails for the same price as the Pro but it's designed for a lower ball flight and increased distance, lower spin and lower launch for longer drives, yet keeping an extreme soft feel. The Vice Pro Plus also has a cast urethane cover, a 336 dimple design and a double casing for promoting lower ball flight and more distance, being excellent for better golfers. The Vice Pro Neon retails for $24.95 a dozen (MSRP) and it features a three piece construction and a cast urethane cover, being optimized to deliver tremendous distance, responsive feel and a stable trajectory due to its 318 large dimple design. What's different about the Neon is the special fluorescent lacquer (neon lime, hence the name) coating which dramatically improves the ball's visibility. Bottom line, if you're seeking for great feel, excellent performance, cool packaging, a 3 tier system and much lower prices than you're used to, give the Vice golf balls a chance.