Titleist Velocity Top Rated GOLF BALL Review
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    The Titleist Velocity is a golf ball powered for the ultimate distance and it retails for $35 a dozen (MSRP). This baby is designed and engineered for delivering amazing-fast initial speed when it comes to full swing shots, delivering excellent distance, together with providing reasonable amounts of feel around the greens,in the short game. The Titleist Velocity is built featuring Titleist's exclusive/patented LSX core, which is engineered to produce more power off the tee, great amounts of initial speed for additional power, and shorter approach shots when around the greens. The coating of the Titleist Velocity benefits from the state of the art 328 dimple design (spherically tiled tetrahedral dimples) for delivering a shallower angle of descent for more roll than ever before and a penetrating ball flight/trajectory.

    This baby is the ultimate in terms of precision, power and playable feel, at a very decent price tag. With their newly designed and engineered Titleist Velocity, the company's distance-machine is now better than ever, and by that I mean longer than ever. How did they managed to accomplish that? Well, the whole story begins with the biggest and fastest core the company ever made, focused at boosting ball speed. This powerful LSX core is also a tad softer than in the previous generation of Titleist Velocity, and combined with the thinner coating, it gives the ball a more refined sound and feel. But that's not all folks. Using the Titleist Velocity on the golf course, expect higher launching shots into the green, and a steeper angle of descent, for additional stopping power. Bottom line, if you're seeking playable short game feel, explosive initial speed for more distance, a consistent and precise ball flight and low long-game spin, look no further than Titleist Velocity!

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