Titleist DT Trusoft Top Rated GOLF BALL Review
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    The Titleist DT Trusoft golf ball retails for $30 a dozen (MSRP) and as its name suggests, it makes for the company's softest compression ball up to date.Together with an incredibly soft feel, the Titleist DT Trusoft delivers excellent short game play ability and impressive distance. The Titleist DT Trusoft features a re-designed core and a new coating formula, for offering incredibly low-spin in the long game, together with great short game play ability and more distance,when compared to the previous generation. The softer pure-ionomer cover and the fast, very low compression core are aimed at reducing spin when it comes to long shots and to deliver more spin in the short game, making the Titleist DT Trusoft the best of both worlds so to speak. If you compare the Titleist DT Trusoft with the the Titleist Velocity in real life, I.e. on the golf course, as both are basically in the same price-range, you'll see what I'm talking about.

    The two-piece design of the Titleist DT Trusoft offers great durability, while the proprietary/patented 376 dimple ionomer coating makes for a great all round performer, at a very competitive price. Essentially, the Titleist DT Trusoft is meant to replace the old DT Solo in the company's portfolio, and to offer golf players a ball which is significantly softer than its predecessor, but without compromising in terms of overall performance. And indeed, the Titleist DTTrusoft does just that, whilst being 15 points softer than the DT Solo, making it the softest golf ball in Titleist's line, with a compression in the mid 50s. However,despite being softer than the DT Solo, the Titleist DT Trusoft blends successfully a pure ionomer cover with a very fast/low compression core, while keeping the performance where it should be, especially the short game spin.

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