Callaway New Chrome Soft Top Rated Golf Ball Review
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    The Callaway New Chrome Soft golf balls retails for $39.99 a dozen (MSRP) and they're designed for providing you with exceptional feel and Tour proven performance. The Callaway New Chrome Soft features a state of the art four- piece construction and the improved Dual Soft Fast Core, which is a patented/proprietary technology aimed at delivering optimal spin rates and higher ball speeds, for maximizing your overall golf-performance through the bag. If I'd had to describe for you in just a few words the main characteristics of the new Callaway New Chrome Soft 2016, the words would be more durable, easier to control, softer around the green, more spin when using wedges and longer off tee. Basically, if you were happy with the oldest generation, just wait and see how this baby performs in real life! The key change in the new Callaway New Chrome Soft 2016 is represented by its four piece construction, compared with the older 3-piece design and the newly designed and improved core.

    Essentially, the company took their best core-technology and put it to work inside their best golf ball, improving even further an already excellent piece of golf gear. After testing the Callaway New Chrome Soft on the golf course, I immediately noticed that the new Dual Soft Fast Core work wonders in terms of reducing the spin off the tee, and that's due to the ball's ability to compress more on full swings. As the soft core compresses, the ball compresses, thus the player will not be capable of generating very much torque, which translates into less spin. Other remarkable improvements in the new Callaway New Chrome Soft 2016 include a straighter ball flight, due to its HEX aerodynamics and an almost buttery-soft sensation with the wedges. The new and improved Tour Urethane coating is also extremely soft, yet more durable than in the previous generation. Bottom line, the latest Callaway New Chrome Soft is that kind of golf ball you'll fall in love this season, being very easy to recommend to golfers of all abilities.

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