Thomas Golf Clubs Review

I have had my new clubs about three weeks and just wanted to let you know the clubs
are the best I have ever owned. Kudos to Sal who helped with the custom fitting.
Some of my friends may be some of your next customers.


I just got my clubs that I ordered from you they look I can't wait to use them. thank's for selling great clubs
I 'am glad I went to you to get my clubs fitted right
thanks again

Sal…Just thought I would follow up and tell you I ordered a trial 8-iron and was finally able to try it out recently (holidays and rainy weather in southern California kept me off the golf course for awhile). I really liked it, so much so that I have ordered a set of irons (3,6,7,9,PW,SW) and also a trial 5-wood (if I like it, I'll order a set of woods). Thanks for your recommendations.