Thomas Golf AT 460 TO Driver Review

New AT 460 Titanium Driver is Unbelievable

I turned 60, and retired three weeks later on June 25th, the same day I received my new AT 460 titanium driver. It’s 10.5 degrees with the Senior Flex. After hitting about 30-40 balls at the driving range that afternoon with the new driver, I was eager to play in my Monday night league and see how I’d do on the course.
I usually hit my drives between 220-230 yards. On the second hole, a 310 yard par 4, I was along side the green. I chipped close to the pin and birdied the hole.
The next hole is a par 4 which plays about 375 yards uphill. I hit my drive up the middle of the fairway. When we got to the top of the hill, my ball was at the 150 yard marker. You do the math. That’s 225 yards straight up the hill.
The next par 4 plays about 375 yards straight away. My drive ended up in the left rough, just off the fairway. I was 105 yards from the green and used a wedge for the second shot. Then the rains came and we were unable to finish our round.
I am so excited about this driver. It is everything that I hoped it would be, and more. It will definitely improve my score.
I chose Thomas Golf because of the information I obtained from their web site. I learned that Thomas Golf had all the same technological advances built into their clubs as the bigger names. The price was right and the club does exactly what they advertise- distance and accuracy. I am so glad that I took the time to do my research. It’s exciting enough to have just retired, but even more exciting to hit 275+ yard drives.

Thank you, Thomas Golf.