Thomas Golf Hybrid Golf Club Paul W's Review

I would just like to say, that I ordered a complete set of hybrid irons 2w-sw, and they are great. They are easier to hit vs. traditional irons, and actually increased my length by 1 full club. I.E. 8 instead of a 7. I have dropped 4-5 strokes, I am now playing mostly to a single digit, Wow, what fun. I am 66, just an average golfer who loves the game even more, Thanks to Thomas Golf and their wonderful Clubs. Thanks again.


hi thomas golf…..
i opened my package from you… 8 hybrid and a 3 hybrid….and
your clubs are excellent….
beautiful… if golf clubs can be beautiful….i will recommend thomas
golf to my golf buddies….
when the weather breaks….i know your clubs will do exactly what i
want them to….

good stuff

paul w