Thomas Golf Hybrid Golf Club Paul W's Review

    3-PW,SW Set of AT705 Hybrids (9 clubs) (Mens): Right Handed

    Shaft: FF-Matched Graphite – Stiff Flex

    Length: Standard

    Lie: Standard

    Grip: TG-Pro Standard

    Head Cover: Included

    Hi, this is SFC Keith Fuller U.S. Army Ret. I would like to thank you for the best set of clubs I have ever owned. From the fitting of the clubs, to the phone call I received after doing the online fitting. I have had all Hybrid clubs from Fogan of St. Andrew for 10 years and I could never do what I can do with your clubs nor have the customer service as you provide. I have a 12.1 Handy cap and in two rounds people I had a hard time beating I am now taking them by 5 to 8 more strokes. These are the smoothest, no hard swing and straight clubs I have ever hit. (Hit the pin over and over) I have never had a lesson; self-taught. I could go on and on. Thank you for your help and questioning my choice of shafts and clubs before purchasing. Proud to be an owner of your 3 through SW set. (End of summer shooting for a 10 Handy Cap will keep you informed).

    Thank You,

    Keith Fuller