Review Goolf Thanks

I have several of your products, primarily the Hybrids. I enjoy them. I recently purchased the SQ Hybrid Driver Head. I hit this as far, and much straighter than my other drivers. You are really on to something here and I suggest you expand your offerings in this area Phil Mickelson won the Open with no driver in his bag, I have shot some of my best rounds in years with this as my driving tool. It is fun to play from the fairway. I would look at slightly (maybe 300cc) heads and a few loft options (maybe a 12 as well) the head weight at 210 is perfect because we can build the club out to a shorter length. the more you can hit down at the ball, like a 3 wood, yet achieve driver type distance, the better the average (or in some cases, more accomplished) player will be able to achieve consistency, I believe the “Phrankenwood not succeed due to it 45 inch length and low loft. Higher Loft (like 10.5 or 12) and short length creates less sidespin. shorter shaft leads to confidence and more agressive swings. tweak the head to move weight close to the face, you will make the driver obsolete for the average player.

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