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Will A Longer Back Swing Help Me Hit My Golf Drives FurtherHitting the ball further with your driver is away for improvement with every golfer and although you may think the tour pros are happy with their length, they are always looking for more ways to get the ball closer to the green off the tee, making their second shot even more accessible.

The length of the back swing is always the first thing a player should look at because if the club does not reach parallel to the ground on the back swing then there is room to extend the swing thus increasing club head speed.

If your swing is already at a parallel position in relation to the ground then the efficiency of the swing needs to be looked at and determined how and where the swing can gain further improvements for added power.

A full rotation on the back swing is where the left arm is straight, perpendicular to the ground, with the shoulders rotated at 90 degrees and the hips rotated at 45 degrees. This length of swing provides width and height and the tension caused between the hips and shoulders encourages a fast and athletic transition between back swing and down swing, adding lag to the wrist hinge and gradually increasing the club head speed on approach into the impact area.

If you start to develop an over swing through trying to swing further and you can now even see the club through the peripheral vision of your left eye, then the swing is now going too far and can fast become uncontrollable. The myths generally say that as you swing further you can create more and more speed, however, when you over swing then the hips tend to rotate too far, limiting the tension and energy in the swing. This may cause a loss of distance because the down swing is now spent correcting itself before impact rather than using the strong coil it has created to power through the ball with as much velocity as possible.

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Extra long golf swings can produce a lot of power if performed correctly. However, they need slightly different techniques and set up positions to be able to cope with the length of the swing and maximize its power as shown by the long drive competitors. The average club golfers would certainly struggle with these techniques.

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A compact golf swing can be perfect for accuracy as not much can go wrong in terms of swing path. However, a short swing which lacks club head speed which in turn will cause the ball to go shorter in distance.

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The longer the swing, the further the club has to travel but it can generate more speed. However, accuracy can be affected and the swing can lack control and consistency.