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Why Should I Learn To Hit A Fade With My Golf Shots From The Tee?Fading the golf ball from the tee can offer up a massive amount of accuracy and control if done correctly.

The fade shot moves from left to right in the air, starting outside the target line before curving back onto the target. It has been utilized to fantastic effect by the worlds greatest players from Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods who shape the ball from left to right when looking for more control.

To hit the ball from left to right in the air, if the club and body are correctly aimed at the target, requires a golfer to move the club on an out-to-in club path. At the point of impact, the club face needs to be open to the out-to-in swing path but closed to the target. It is this combination of path and club face angle which create the fade ball flight.

Because the club is required to move across the body, most players find the fade decreases the overall distance achievable. However, modern club and ball technology has narrowed the gap between a fade, draw and straight shot considerably in terms of distance.

To help practice fading the ball off the tee, use this following practice drill the next time you are at a driving range.

  • Place two alignment sticks either side of your teed up ball. Place them about one foot apart and running in parallel lines towards the middle of your imagined fairway
  • The sticks are there as a visual representation of a straight swing path
  • To practice hitting a fade, move the alignment sticks so they point left of the target line. Move the sticks to aim 10 yards left for a 10 yard fade
  • Use the alignment sticks to groove an out to in swing path. At impact feel the club face is pointing between the path and target
  • If successful, the ball should fly off the club face with a slightly faded shape
  • To increase the chances of hitting a fade, golfers can tee the ball down slightly. This will cause a slightly lower ball flight and possibly decrease the amount of distance achievable but will encourage more left to right movement

Learning to hit the ball from the tee will give golfers a greater amount of accuracy and control.

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Because of the way the club cuts against the body flow during the swing, most people who fade the ball find this ball flight decreases the amount of distance achievable.

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Many pros down the years have faded the ball with fantastic results. However, these same professionals can also draw the ball on command. Practice different shot shapes and learn which situations are best for that particular type of shot.

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Modern drivers are designed to launch the ball as high as possible with as little back spin as possible, combining the optimum amount of launch and accuracy. This means it is possible to both draw and fade the ball with high shot trajectories.