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Why Does My Golf Ball Always Block To The Right?If you have got a golf shot which is going straight right of the target, a block for a right handed golfer, it is simply because you are not swinging the club along the target line.

You are swinging the club head of your golf club, from the inside of the target line, which is your side of it and then across it to the far side of it, as you strike the ball. This is an in to out swing path. As you are swinging the club head with an in to out swing path, if your club face is aiming in the same direction that the club head is being swung in, then you will hit a straight shot, but it will be straight to the right of target and you will hit a block.

In order to correct this and to get you hitting more accurately and hitting straighter at the target, rather than to the right of it, you need to swing the club head directly along the target line and if you have got the club face aiming down the target line as the club head is travelling down it, then you will hit a really straight shot at the target and you will become more accurate at the pin.

In order to do this try the following. Place an alignment pole on the floor to represent the target line. The far side of this alignment pole is the outside of the target line and the near side, the side that you are standing on, is the inside. Now take another alignment pole and put it on the right hand side of you, if you are a right handed golfer. This pole is going to come out of the target line on the floor, at the angle that the shaft of your golf club comes up towards you from the floor, when you address the golf ball ready to play a shot. You are just mimicking the angle of the shaft that you have as you set up to play your golf shot. This is your swing plane line.

If you are hitting a block what is happening is that as you are swinging your golf club towards the golf ball, on your down swing, you are approaching the golf ball from underneath the alignment pole on the right of you. You are swinging the club head too flat (underneath the pole). That now gives you too acute an angle to swing along the target line as you strike the ball, so rather than swinging down the target line and along it, you will swing across it and to the far side of it. To correct this you need to swing back down the alignment pole on your right, or even just slightly in front of it, but certainly not underneath it, as this is what is causing you to hit a block.

Without involving a golf ball, make a few swings so that the club head of your golf club moves along the target line pole on the floor and then up the alignment pole on your right hand side. Get the feeling of the club head moving back and then swinging back down this alignment pole. You will see the club head is now travelling along the target line or your alignment pole which is on the floor and if you have got your club face towards the target as you do this, you will be hitting a straight shot, at the target.

Work on hitting your shots by swinging down the alignment pole or just in front of it, but definitely not from underneath.

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A grip that is too strong will often close the club face and create a pull not a block.

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This swing path would often create a sliced or pulled ball flight.

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One of the reasons that you will hit a block and the club will swing in too much from the inside is because you are too static with your body through impact and there is not enough rotation in your lower torso. If your hips are too parallel to the target line at impact, you will swing the club from the inside and with a square club face, this will mean you hit a block. Rotate your lower body more through impact, turning your pelvis towards the target as you strike the ball and this will get you swinging the club head more along the target line.