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Why Do Some Players Stand Open For Their Golf PuttsFor most golfers, the way you take your address position when youre about to putt can vary. Looked upon as a game within a game, many believe that how you set up with the putter is all about personal preference.

Some of those preferences range from how to grip the putter, where to position the ball, weighting the stance and how to aim the body.

Of all these preferences, there is no right or wrong, only what is right for the individual. Making sure that the set up, body aim and ball position is the best it can be to enable you to hole more putts is crucial. One area that more and more golfers are starting to adopt more is to change the way they aim their body and stand in an open position to the ball to target line.

The biggest benefit you will see from adopting an open stance is the ability to see the line of your putt better, although this will only be the case if your eyes are over the line of your putt. If you have your eye line either inside your ball or outside your ball, then your line of vision will see something a little different and could lead to more missed putts.

To check that your eyes are over your ball when you set up, take a second ball and once in your address position, take the second ball and drop it from your left eye. You will be looking to see if the ball lands either on top of your ball or either side of it. You can make sure that your eyes are directly over the aim line. With your body aimed open to your aim line, you can now easily push your putter straight back and straight through.

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Although you may think your view will be better on all types of putts, having an open stance does not mean youre going to hole more breaking putts. You need to get the combination right between the speed you want to hit your putt and the line you have selected.

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The main point of opening your stance is to see the putt better, but that doesnt necessarily mean that you will just get your eyes in a better position at address. You need to check that your distance from the ball and torso positions are good to enable you to get your eyes in the best spot for your set up.

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Accelerating your putter through impact is possibly not the best advice you will ever get. When looking to control the distance of your putts, the pace of the putter must be nice and slow, but the same speed in both directions. Whether you aim your body open, closed or square is irrelevant. You should be able to control the rhythm and tempo of your stroke.