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Why Do Some Golfers Use Very Wide And Fat Grips On My PuttersOne of the most common problems golfers have when putting is that their hands and wrist become very active during the stroke.

This results in the majority of their putts being hit without any control. The reason for the lack of control is that you can not quantify the amount of acceleration in your forward stroke when your hands and wrists become active.

Many of you want to reduce the degree of wrist and hand action but find that with a normal size grip it is quite difficult to do, so using a bigger grip will naturally restrict the amount they can move. No matter what the size of the grip on your putter, you can reduce the degree of movement by changing the way you place your hands on the grip.

Firstly take hold of the putter with trailing hand and rest the side of the grip in the palm of your hand along the life line, then close your fingers around the grip taking care to place your thumb down the flat front of the grip. Place your lead hand on the grip and again along the life line. Place the index or fore finger over the top of the little finger of your trail hand and the thumb down the flat front.

When you make your putting stroke, your hands and wrists will be restricted in the movement they can produce. This will make it easier for you to produce a stroke that is dominated by the arms and shoulders. Whether you use a standard size, mid size or supersize grip, place it along the life lines and you will find it much easier to maintain a constant tempo in your stroke that will help improve your consistency.

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The size of your grip is a very important aspect when it comes to every club in your golf bag with the exception of your putter. This is due to the personal nature of the required feel you need within your stroke rather than because of the size of your hands.

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If you are looking to develop a putting stroke with a degree of hand and wrist movement in it then a fat grip would be the last thing you need. You would be better off with a standard size grip as this will enable you to develop some natural movement within your hands and wrists.

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Since KJ Choi was seen using a super sized grip on the PGA Tour, larger size grips have become more and more popular. The one thing to remember when choosing your putter grip is that it must be comfortable in your hands so you can make a stroke that allows you to maximize your feel.