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Why Do I Push My Golf PuttsA putting issue that will plague a number of golfers is seeing your putts pushed so they miss the hole on the high side.

Like many aspects of the game of golf, a consistent miss of the same type can be traced back to your fundamentals. The way you set up to the ball should never be underestimated yet is the one area that every club golfer takes for granted.

There are a number of issues within your set up that may cause you to push your putts so the next time you step on to the practice green check these few points to make sure pushing your putts is a thing of the past.

Check your shoulders: Rocking your shoulders can cause the putter face to be closed in the back stroke and then open up in the forward stroke and through impact causing you to push the putt, so make sure you allow them to rotate ever so slightly to keep the putter face square to the path.
Check your leading forearm: You need to make sure your leading forearm is not higher than the trailing forearm or this can lead you to push your putt. If it is then your grip could be too strong (hands turned away from the hole too much) or if you have too much of a tilted angle in your shoulders (lead shoulder much higher than your trailing shoulder).
Check your elbows: You must make sure that your elbows are nice and relaxed. If theyre not then this could cause you to push your putt due to the amount of tension that will be created in the arms. This will also spread through to your shoulders (as well as the rest of your body) and prevent you from making a smooth and controlled stroke.
Check your ball position: Like any shot in golf, your ball position is crucial to you getting the club face square to your target at impact, and putting is no exception. If your ball is positioned too far back in your stance this can cause you to push your putts.
Check your lie angle: If youre using a putter with the lie angle too flat (the heel of the putter up off the ground) then the face of your putter will be looking towards the high side of your target. This can also cause you to push your putt.

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If youre closed with your alignment then you would be more inclined to see your putts finish on the low side of the hole. This could be because you either pull your putt or you hit the putt straight in the direction that you are aiming.

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With your ball position too far forward in your stance, you will see your putts move away to the low side of your intended target. This is due to the fact that the putter face is rotating back towards the inside of your stroke when it makes contact with the ball.

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Rotating your forearms through the impact area of your putting stroke will encourage the putter face to be looking towards the low side of your target (line of putt or the hole) causing your putt to appear to be pulled rather than pushed.