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Why Do I See Some People Making One Handed Practise Swings“A motor skill is an intentional movement involving a motor or muscular component that must be learned and voluntarily produced to proficiently perform a goal-oriented task”.

Throughout our existence, gross motor skills have been and are used daily, from learning to crawl to playing sports. A gross motor skill is the movement of the bodys bigger muscles and as we get older the motor skills become harder to learn. The golf swing is a skill that requires a firm thought process to make the movement happen well. Feedback from the way the shot was struck or any injuries will help you understand if you have made a wrong move.

Children find the learning of motor skills very easy as their brains adapt but anyone over the age of 22 years old will find adaption harder.

The initial takeaway of the golf club from set up is a gross motor skill as it requires the movement of the left arm and shoulder to keep the club going back away from the ball on a straight line. As the body starts to rotate, the left arm will begin to lift the club to a slightly higher angle than the shoulders making this swing a two plane golf swing and giving the player more ability to deliver a descending blow into the ball.

A players motor skills helps create more rotation and torque in the golf swing delivering a more powerful down swing which invariably will create more distance.

To focus on these motor skills requires a lot of thought so only one motor skill at a time should be practised, otherwise the brain will have too much to compute in such a short time, but improving each skill set will drastically improve your ball striking and distance.

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The motor skills in the golf swing are the movement of the muscles rather than where the weight sits during the swing. Weight transference has huge role to play in the swing but it is not an actual motor skill but should be practised.

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Course management relates to your on course decisions such as club and shot selection or reading greens and planning a hole in advance. The motor skills would be the process in which the player achieves these decisions

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The equipment can play a pivotal role in helping a player hit the ball further or make improvements.