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Why Do I Pull My Golf PuttsA putt that is pulled and misses to the low side of the hole is a very common occurrence and there are a number of possible causes for you to hit this type of putt.

For the most part, a pulled putt, just like any other poor shot in golf can be traced all the way back to the fundamentals of your set up. This is the one area of the game that you never practice. Next time you are on the practice putting green, go through this check list to make sure your set up is solid and you will soon stop pulling your putts.

Your ball position: If your ball is positioned too far forward in your stance you can pull your putt due to the natural arc of the stroke as the putter head moves towards the hole.
Check your trailing forearm: You need to make sure that the trailing forearm is not higher than your lead forearm in your set up or this can cause you to pull the putt too. This can be caused by either your grip being too weak (hands turned to the target) or by your trailing shoulder being higher than your lead shoulder.
Check your stance: If your stance is closed (feet, hips and shoulders turned to the high side of your target) then you can pull your putt. Subconsciously, your mind tells you to yank the putter back across the front of your body to compensate for the poor alignment.
The lie angle of your putter: If the toe of your putter is sitting up off the ground then the lie angle is too upright. This will cause the the putter face to look to the low side of your target and can cause you to pull the putt.
The length of the shaft: The final area you need to check is whether or not the putter that youre using is the correct length for you. If you are using a putter with a shaft that is too long for you then this can cause you to be stood too far away from the ball causing the toe of the putter to lift up off the ground, causing the face to be aiming to the low side of your target.

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A short putter will see you standing too close to the ball with your eyes beyond your aim line. The plane of your putter will be quite upright because the putters shaft will be more upright. This will mean the heel of your putter will tend to lift off the ground causing it to aim to the high side of the hole.

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If your alignment is open (to the low side of the hole) any putts you miss to the low side may appear like they have been pulled off target, but these putts have actually been straight putts that you have hit along the line that your body is aiming.

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Having your ball positioned too far in the back of your stance will see the putter face impact the ball looking towards the high side of your target. The effect of this will see the ball skid a little immediately after impact as it is pushed away off line.