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Where Should The Grip End Of The Golf Putter Point During My Followed ThroughThe grip end of your putter, or more commonly referred to as the butt of the grip has an important role to play in your putting stroke.

If you were to examine your finish position after you hit a putt, you could almost detect what had happened to make your putt go in the direction or at the speed that it did.

During your putting stroke, you should be looking to retain the same relationship that you see between the butt of the grip, your hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. This triangle is key to your success on the greens. If you look at the butt of the grip in your set up, you will see how it points to the area just around your belly button, and it is here where it should remain for the duration of your stroke. As your shoulders rock your arms back and through, your hands, wrists and arms remain passive and the butt of the grip looks in the same place the whole way through.

Why not stand in front of a mirror where you can see from your putter grip to your midriff and make your putting stroke while your looking in the mirror. Watch how your forearms, hands and wrists behave and see if the butt of your grip stays looking at your belly button area. If you find that the butt is moving around and not looking in the right spot, take a wooden spoon and hold it in your grip with your top hand so that the spoon rests into your belly, now make your putting stroke. This will give you the desired feeling. The more you practise this to get the right feeling, the less movement you will have in your hands and wrists when youre looking to hole more putts out on the course.

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Getting the butt end of your grip into this area will see you mis-hitting the majority of your putts. This is due to the fact that as your handle moves this far forward, the head of your putter is moving away from the ground, causing you to make contact with the equator of the ball or sometimes even towards the top of it.

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Finishing with the butt of your grip in this position is a lot more common than you would imagine. This is because once you have made your backstroke, you stop swinging the putter and flick your putter head towards the ball using your trail hand. This creates a complete loss of your speed control as well as accuracy.

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To keep the butt of your grip looking in this area, you will have a part of your putting stroke on the right lines. The issue is then because your arms are holding your putter too high, the heel end of the head is lifted too much. This will cause the toe of your putter to hit the ground either behind the ball or during impact, affecting both your face position at impact and your speed control.