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What Three Things Can I Do To Lower My Golf Scores Without Changing My Swing?If you are looking to lower your golf scores without actually changing your swing, the first thing you can do is work on holing more putts. If you can reduce the number of putts that you are taking per round, you will massively reduce the score that you are shooting.

Go to the putting green and work on distance control with your longer putts and then from fifteen feet in, work on trying to hole those putts. If you improve the number of putts that you take, you really will see your golf score improving and you will not have had to change your swing at all.

The second thing to work on to help you improve your golf score without having to change your swing is to know your yardages. It is really worth investing in either a Bushnell or a GPS system so that you can work out how far you hit all of your golf clubs and then use it when you are out on the golf course to give you exact yardages for the shots that are required.

If you go to the practise ground, hit at least half a dozen shots so that you get an average of how far the ball goes on each shot and then work out, using the Bushnell or using the GPS, the yardage the ball has travelled from where you have hit it from, to where it has finished. Note this yardage down, for which club you used. When you go out on the golf course, you can use the Bushnell or GPS, or a course planner, to know the yardage for any required shot.

Look at your yardage chart, see which is the most appropriate club to play that shot with and then use that club to play the shot. Being more confident of your yardages and actually knowing how far you hit the ball rather than guessing will really help you to become a lot more accurate and help you hit the ball much closer to the flag. This will help you start to see your scores really reduce again without changing your swing.

The final thing to do is to work on aiming correctly. Too many people just walk up to the ball and do not aim correctly. They have a practise swing at the side of the ball, go straight into the ball and hit the shot. Then they realize afterwards that they were not lined up correctly and that is why the ball has gone left or right of the target.

Before you hit the shot, once you have selected your club and you have decided where you want to hit the ball to, is stand directly behind the ball, so that you have yourself, the ball and the target all in a straight line. Draw a line back from the target to the ball and pick a point out just in front of the ball on the ground, two to three feet in front of you. It could be a daisy, a twig, a different color piece of grass, a divot that is missing. There will be something there that you can aim the club face at. Work on aiming your club face at that point and then make sure your feet are together and that they are parallel and in line with the grooves on the club face.

Split your feet into your stance and still ensure that your club face is aiming at the point you picked on the ground. This will now have you aiming the club correctly and you will be set up correctly. You will now be able to hit a much more accurate golf shot at the target. The improvement in accuracy will really help you reduce your golf score and you will not have had to alter your swing at all.

If you follow those three tips next time you are out on the golf course, you should find that you see an improvement in your golf scores and you will not have to change your swing at all.

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These three overly aggressive actions may result in some short term success but over the course of a full round, it is likely that it would result in a number of blow up holes which would ultimately increase your score.

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These three overly defensive actions may result in avoiding blow up holes but you may not feel you are capable of making enough low scores particularly on easier holes.

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Hitting more golf balls and practising for longer is not necessarily good practice. You learn what you repeat. If you are hitting more golf balls but incorrectly, then you are simply ingraining an incorrect movement, so you will produce incorrect golf shots more frequently.