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What Should My Right Elbow Do During My Golf Down Swing?The position of the right elbow during the golf down swing is extremely important as it has a knock on effect to other parts of the technique.

Its most important function is during the transition from the back swing to the down swing. Here it should return to the side of the body allowing the club to fire through impact in a good path. It is also a great way for players to start the down swing and can add rhythm to the technique.

If the right elbow can be brought into the side of the body during the down swing, the left arm shouldnt come too far in front of the body (one cause of an out-to-in swing path).

Follow this down swing sequence to ensure the right elbow is moving in the correct way.

  • Presuming a player has a good back swing, which includes a full shoulder turn and coil between the upper and lower body, the first movement back towards the ball with the body should come from the hips
  • The left hip should begin to turn back towards the ball
  • As this happens the right elbow should return back to the side of the golfer. If a player can synchronize these movements the down swing will be set off in the best possible way as it allows the hands and arms to swing down and fire through the ball
  • At impact the right elbow should still be close to a golfers side only coming away and straightening after the ball has been struck

The right elbow has an important role to play in folding back into the side during the down swing.

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If the right elbow does move away from the body and fire towards the ball a golfer could lose all connection in the golf swing. Connection is important as it doesnt allow any particular part of the body to become loose and compromise the swing.

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If the right arm swings out and in front of the body then the swing path through the ball is likely to become out-to-in, cutting across the target line and producing a fade, pull or slice.

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Even though the right arm is bent at the top of the swing is should gradually straighten throughout the down swing. This straightening will add power.