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What Should My Golf Divots Look Like With A Short Iron?When hitting solid short irons, golfers need to achieve a slightly descending angle of attack onto the ball.

This descending blow will improve the overall distance, strike and spin rate of a short iron shot. The divot produced should be about the size of a dollar bill and a thin sliver of turf a couple of centimeters deep. To help achieve this divot size and strike, the angle of attack must be correct. The angle of attack is the steepness or shallowness of the angle on which the club approaches the ball. If the angle of attack is too steep the divot produced will be long and deep. If the angle of attack is too shallow then the divot will be shallow or even non-existent.

The ball position is very important to achieve a correct angle of attack. With short irons (PW, 9, 8 iron) the ball position should be placed in the middle of the stance with the feet shoulder width apart.

Returning to impact with the hands ahead of the ball is a key position to achieve. If the hands are ahead of the ball at impact then the club must have a slightly descending angle of attack. Probably the best way to achieve this position is to practice hitting a smash bag. A smash bag is a large bag filled with a soft foam packing. It allows golfers to hit the bag with power whilst not causing injury. Smash bags can be bought online or at golf stores but they can also be made by stuffing an old rucksack with towels. Golfers looking to improve their impact position should practice swinging into impact, hitting the bag and pausing to ensure their hands are ahead of the bag at impact.
Striking down and through the ball is important and divots can give great indications of what has happened at impact.

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Although striking down on the ball is required to create back spin and correct shot trajectory, if the angle of attack becomes too steep massive divots can be produced! This wont improve the consistency of shots or make you popular with the green keeper.

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The divot should only be about the length of a $1 bill. Divots longer than this are usually indicative of a steep angle of attack and digging at the ball. Try to achieve a slightly shallower angle of attack if your divots are too long and fat.

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Taking no divot is caused by a very shallow of attack and possibly flicking at the ball rather than striking down and through. If there is no divot then the ball flight is often too high when the ball is well struck.