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What Should My Hips Do During My Golf Swing?The hips are probably the most crucial driver of power during the down swing and the way a golfer uses them can determine the overall success of the shot.

If you are a player of reasonable fitness and mobility, the hips should follow this general range of movement throughout the swing.

  • This description of the hip turn assumes the golfer has a sound posture with the spine angle tilted over from the hips, with the hips not tucked under the body at address
  • The club is taken away from the ball using the hands, arms, shoulders, torso and hips in that order. As the hips are the last thing to move during the back swing they turn a relatively small amount. But during the small hip turn during the back swing, the left hip turns around and down and the right hip turns around and up slightly
  • This is because the hips are on the same slightly tilted access as the spine. If the spine were bolt upright, vertical to the ground, the hips would turn back and through without tilting up and around but because the spine and pelvis is tilted, the hips turn around this slight axis
  • During the down swing, this tilt and turn is repeated. The hips rotate toward the target, turning through the same position they were at address with both hips level. As the hips continue to turn towards the target, the left hip rises upwards and the right hips slightly downward. Again, this is a result of the pelvic tilt seen if the player can maintain their posture throughout the swing
  • At impact, the hips should have turned slightly past where they were at address, opening up to the target and delivering a great deal of power into the ball
  • After impact when the golfer raises up out of the posture to face the target, the hips level out as the spine and pelvis align

The hips have a crucial role to play during the swing. Make sure you understand their purpose and practice how to use them.

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Although keeping the hips still throughout the swing could cut down on the number of moving body parts, the technique would become a hands and arms dominated process causing a number of different issues. Turning the hips correctly throughout the swing will help the swing move in a more natural manner.

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Turning the hips fully away from the ball will cause all the coil built up between the lower and upper body during the back swing to disappear. This could cause a dramatic loss in distance. For this reason, keep the hips nice and steady as the shoulders rotate away.

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Never forget that the major roll the hips should play is during the down swing. Stopping their rotation through will normally lead to the club and hands being thrown over the top and cut against the body.