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What Should My Body Weight Do During The Golf Swing?Weight shift during the golf swing is certainly a very hot topic at the moment as different teaching professionals expound varying theories of the best way to move body weight.

Still the most popular, tried and trusted method on the major golf tours around the world is a slight shift of weight onto the back foot during the back swing and a gradual shift of weight forward through the down swing.

Modern day golfers tend not to have the big sways of older generations, however, and stay relatively centered. This means the head stays still and doesnt sway to the right.

Moving off the ball during the back swing can become a problem which causes most of the body weight to transfer onto the back foot and the hips, torso and head to slide backwards. Its the same story the other way around - if players try to keep too much weight on the front foot during the back swing, the body can tilt over towards the target. From this position, only a very exaggerated hip thrust through the ball can salvage a decent strike.

The easiest way to identify if you are swaying too much back or through is to put something just outside the hip when addressing the ball. Follow this drill and become more centered over the ball.

  • At a driving range, take all the clubs out of your bag and use a lofted club like a 7 iron to hit shots
  • Place the bag three inches outside the right foot standing upright. Most bags have enough height to reach just above hip high
  • Hit balls as normal but concentrate on keeping your head central. If successful the right hip should stay well clear of the bag
  • If you cant seem to stop sliding back into the bag, give yourself some more room and gradually move it back in when more comfortable with the change
  • After practicing with this method, swap the bag over and hit shots with the bag just outside the left hip and practice turning inside the bag

The illusion to the golfer will be that the weight is staying 50/50 on each foot but in fact there will be a slight transfer of weight onto the right foot. As the hips turn, there will be a slight transfer through.

After impact, the body weight will flow through fully until the eyes, chest and belt buckle all face down towards the target.
Correct weight shift is a hot topic but by following the example of top pros, you can achieve a more successful technique.

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Shifting all the body weight onto the right foot effectively sways the golfer away from the ball. This moves the swing center off the ball and unless a sway through is achieved, a center contact is unlikely.

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Sometimes keeping body weight focused on the left foot is not a bad idea (when hitting a punch shot, for example). However, when hitting full shots, golfers need to ensure they have the slight transfer of weight back and through for the most consistent results.

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Without slight transfers of weight, the body will stay rigid and the swing would most likely become a hands and arms dominated action. This should be avoided.