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What Should I Focus On When Placing My Feet In My Golf Stance?Every great golfer builds their swing from the ground up. Its often one of the most ignored yet blindingly obvious facts about golf; that all power is drawn upward from the earth and the only points of connection a player has with the ground are the feet.

This makes the way you place your feet very important. The first thing a golfer has to gauge is how secure their footing is. If the ground is very loose (such as in sand or dry dirt), golfers may have to shuffle their feet slightly into the ground for a firmer footing.

The width of a players stance is also important. The longer the club, the wider the stance should be. For example, a sand wedge chip shot can be played from a flat lie with the feet very close together whilst at the other end of the scale, the feet should be placed outside shoulder width apart when hitting the driver. This is because the amount of stability required to play a driver is much higher than when you need to play a chip.

The angles at which the feet are placed also have a huge impact on the swing. For example, if the left toe points straight forward at address, the hip turn through the ball will be restricted. If the right toe is splayed outward too much, the hip turn during the back swing will generally be too great. For all shots, the right toe needs to point forward whilst the left toe needs to be angled off to the left.
The placement of the feet at address is all important because it impacts so many different factors of the swing.

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When placing the feet at address, remember they should be parallel to the target line. This means that the body alignment runs parallel and left of the target. One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make is to aim their body at the target as well as the club face.

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The distribution of weight is very important when placing the feet in the golf stance. To ensure that golfers dont rock back or forwards, the body weight should be placed onto the balls of the feet. Too much weight on the heels will cause a player to fall back and too much weight forward will cause a golfer to fall forward.

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When placing the feet, golfers should not be thinking about the posture, swing or any other technical aspect of the golf swing. Placing the feet should be their overriding priority.