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What Should I Focus On If I Start Gripping The Club Too Tightly?If you notice that you are gripping the golf club handle very tightly, then you need to work on relaxing and loosening your hands.

It is really important that you learn to hold the golf club rather than squeeze it. If you are holding the golf club too tightly, then you are tensing the muscles in your hands, wrists and arms. When you squeeze tightly and tense these muscles, they contract and shorten. As a result of this, the distance between your shoulders and the club head reduces and you effectively pull the club head up away from the ground.

Swinging the club with a tight grip and therefore the club head up off the floor will result in you striking the top of the golf ball, or even having a complete air shot. If you top the golf ball, the resultant ball flight will be very low and the ball will land much sooner than usual, producing a shorter shot than normal. If you have an air shot, you will not strike the ball at all but the attempt still counts towards your score as you intended to hit the golf ball.

If you notice that you are gripping the golf club very tightly, work on relaxing your hands. To do this, try the following drill. Squeeze the grip as tightly as you possibly can. We will call this a 10 on our grip scale. Now half the tightness in your hands down to a 5. From this pressure just relax 1 more to a 4 and this is the ideal pressure to have in your hands as you swing your golf club.

If you notice that your hands are really tight, then squeeze as tightly as you can and then halve the pressure and swing. You will then be swinging the club from a much more relaxed position and find that you strike the golf ball much more from the centre of the club face.

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If you focus on squeezing the grip of the golf club as tightly as you can, then the muscles in your arms will contract and as a result of this shortening you will strike the top of the golf ball, or miss it completely with an air shot.

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If you focus on being tense when you notice that you are gripping the golf club tightly, then you will not make a good rotational movement during your golf swing. As a result, you will not hit the ball as far as you potentially could and you will also tend to swing the club too much with your arms. This will produce an inconsistent strike and you will also have directional issues with your golf shots.

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Grip pressure should be even between both hands. Only holding with one hand would simply make that hand hold tighter which in turn reduces control and the ability to generate power.