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What Should I Focus On To Create Perfect Hip Rotation In My Golf Swing?A perfect hip rotation in the golf swing will give the best balance of power and control when striking a shot.

To achieve a correct hip turn, players should focus on achieving a correct sequence of movements throughout the back swing and through swing. To create a perfect rotation follow this guide.

  • During the back swing, the first thing to move will be the hands which slowly begin to take the club away from the ball, the hips should point straight forward at right angles to the target line
  • Next the arms, then the shoulders, then the torso begin to rotate. Lastly, the hips and legs, knees and feet also move around to the right
  • The hips at this stage should have rotated only a small amount but the amount of flexibility a player possesses will have an impact
  • At the top of the swing the shoulders should be turned until the middle of the back faces down the target line
  • During the down swing this is reversed and the sequence begins from the ground up. First, any movement in the feet is reversed back towards the ball, then the legs, then hips, then the torso, then the shoulders and arms all rotate and turn into the ball
  • The last thing to come through are the hands and club, this is the correct sequence in which the body should move
  • At the end of the full swing, the hips should have turned fully to face the target

A perfect hip turn does not need to be specifically very fast but controlled and in sequence. A sequenced down swing will encourage the body to move in the correct order and deliver a real punch of power into the ball.
Perfect hip rotation requires a good sequence and control to achieve but can unlock oodles of power and great shots.

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Turning the hips quickly through impact should increase overall club head speed but could cause other parts of the technique to fall out of sequence. Focus on controlling the hips and not rushing them through the swing.

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By rotating the hips through the ball slowly, golfers run the risk of the upper body racing ahead. The usual effect of this is an over the top swing path. The hips should move first during the down swing but with purpose and not as slow as possible.

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By keeping the hips still, the whole swing will become hands and arms dominated leading to a great amount of inconsistent ball striking. Golfers should look to move and rotate the hips, not freeze them out.