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What Should I Eat During My RoundEating correctly is a fundamental factor in your mental and physical readiness for playing your best golf. Golf requires co-ordination, concentration and physical effort and so what and when you eat can have both a positive and negative impact on your golf performance.

Here are some food facts:
- For peak performance in golf the food that you eat should supply the body with a short-term boost as well as releasing energy into the bloodstream more slowly to sustain performance throughout a longer period of time.
- A round of golf is a medium intensity type of exercise where roughly equal amounts of fat and carbohydrate are used for energy. It is important to note that sugars do NOT provide optimal fuel for a round of golf.
- Carbohydrates are the best form of energy for golf and should be consumed at a recommended 30 grams per hour during a round.
- It is important to keep hydrated to replace fluids in the body that are lost through sweat. Dehydration affects mental and physical performance.

Taking into account the previous facts, the best foods to consume for golf are:
Dried fruit
Cereal bar
Nutrition bar

The best drinks to consume are:
Sports drinks (non fizzy, no-sugar)

Additional thoughts:
- Eat three to four hours before your round. This meal should be full of carbohydrate such as pasta, rice or a chicken sandwich. Research shows that this type of meal three to four hours before play increases athletic performance.
- Plan to eat at three hole intervals during your round. This keeps energy up throughout and does not allow for a crash in energy at any point.

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Full of sugar and fat. This will give you a short energy boost and then the process of breaking down the fat and sugar will make you crash and feel fatigued, negatively impacting your performance.

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Again too sugary. This will give you a short-term boost of energy causing you to crash with fatigue after a short period of time.

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After four to five hours you will be hungry and tired and these factors will affect you both physically and mentally. You can guarantee that you will fade coming down the stretch.