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What Is The Best Grip For Straight Golf DrivesThe grip is very similar to the golf swing in the respect of it being individual to the player but generally a neutral grip does what it is supposed to and helps keep the club face square to the target at impact.

The rotation of the hands from the midpoint of the down swing to the midpoint of the follow through should result in the club face pointing at the target at impact.

Some golfers may actually feel a stronger grip or a weaker grip helps their game in terms of keeping the club straight through the golf swing and being square at impact. As a generic rule, try to keep the grip neutral and then work on other aspects of your swing to try and neutralize any other faults.

For a neutral grip, you want to see the club running through the fingers of the left hand, starting at the bottom of the little finger to the middle of the index finger. Then sit your hand on the grip so that a V is created between your index finger and your thumb and point it towards your right shoulder. You should see two and a half knuckles on your left hand. Whilst doing this, be careful not to move the club face and disrupt its aim.

There are now three ways to attach your hand to the grip:

  • Overlap Grip - Where your little finger on your right hand overlaps in between your index finger and second finger of your left hand
  • Interlock grip - Where your index finger on your left hand interlocks with your right little finger
  • 10 finger grip - Otherwise known as the baseball grip, where your hands stay side by side

The recommended grip would be the overlap or the interlock grip to help keep your hands stay connected and get the feeling that they are working together. The right hand sits on top of the left thumb with the middle of the palm and the V created will point towards the chin and right shoulder as does the left hand.

The purpose of the neutral grip is to keep the palms of the hands facing each other through impact to maintain the club face square to the target.

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A straight drive is one of the hardest shots in golf because movement either way will result in the shot not being straight. Having a strong grip and thinking a draw can hit more fairways is just as optimistic. A draw can still produce a hook and push shot which will miss fairways. The golf swing is about consistency and reliability; that will hit fairways.

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A weak grip produces a fade or slice shot which is not the same as a straight shot as the ball will travel left to right in the air. The fade can sometimes lose distance but is also seen as more reliable and repeatable than that of the draw shape.

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The grip is the only part of your body connecting you to the golf club and therefore is extremely important to the outcome of the shot. The grip should be as neutral as possible to not encourage too much deviation of ball flight.