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What Is The Best Golf Grip?There are two different ways to hold a golf club.

One is with the interlocking grip which would see your left index finger and your right little finger interlocked together (for right-handed golfers), or the overlapping grip, which just sees the right little finger of a right-handed golfer sit between the index finger on the left hand and the middle finger on the left hand.

How you hold the golf club does not really matter as long as your hands are connected and you are using your hands as one unit rather than two separate hands, or a baseball style.

To put your hands on correctly (right-handed golfers), your left hand will be at the top of the handle and to achieve the correct position with your palm you want to point your fingers directly down at the ground and then place the handle of the golf club across the middle of your left index finger and the callus pad just below your little finger, so that the club is sitting in your fingers and then wrap your hand around the top placing your thumb on top.

The best way we can see if your hand is now in the correct position is if you place a coin between your thumb and your hand so that you are holding the coin. The coin should be on the top of the handle as you are looking down on it and it should also be pointing up your right shoulder if you are a right-handed golfer. That has now got your palm in the correct position and it will give you control over the club face when you hit your shot.

Put your right hand on complete at the bottom of the handle now and place your fingers pointing directly at the ground and then put the handle of the club between the middle joint of your index finger and your callus pad of your little finger. Now put your fingers around the back of the handle and place your thumb on top. You now want to slide your right hand up so that it is on top of your left thumb and so that your fingers are all really close together and then if you interlock you would take your left finger and your right little finger so that they over and under lock each other and if you overlap you just sit your right little finger in the cradle in between your left index finger and your left middle finger.

Whichever of these grips you use, it does not really matter as long as you have got the coin between your left thumb and your hand, pointing up at your right shoulder – that gets your hand into the right position on the club and will give you control over the club face. What you want to make sure of is that you do not have a big gap between your left and your right hand because then your hands will start working independently of each other and give you problems with controlling the club face and the direction of your shot.

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Generally, this would create a grip where the hands fight with each other for control and would result in a lack of accuracy.

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This cross handed method can cause a severe lack of distance and is bio-mechanically inferior to a standard grip.

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If your hands are placed on the golf clubs handle and left unconnected, they will work independently of each other, rather than as one unit. This will cause you problems with directional control and consistency of strike, as one hand will become more dominant than the other. Ensure you connect your hands together for them to work as one complete unit.