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What Is Correct Arm Rotation Through My Golf Swing?The correct rotation of the arms throughout the golf swing can add power and consistency to shots, if done correctly!

This is because arm rotation not only impacts club head speed but club face alignment. The two need to work in harmony to produce the best shots. In general, the arms need to begin level at address before the left arm rotates across the right during the back swing and the right rotates over the left during the through swing.

Follow this guide to produce correct arm rotation.

  • At set up the club face should be pointing directly at the target and the forearms should face each other
  • As the club moves away from the ball, the arms, hands and club face begin to rotate away from the ball
  • At halfway back where the club shaft and left arm are extended and parallel to the ground, the back of the left hand should be pointing straight out in front of the player and the bottom edge of the club should be parallel to the spine angle. If the arms rotated correctly the back of the right hand will point out behind the golfer
  • As the club is swung upward the right arm will fold into the side and the left arm will extend upward
  • As the club swings down the arms begin to rotate back to the ball. As the club approaches the ball and the shaft reaches parallel to the ground, the back of the left hand should point out in front and the back of the right hand out behind. The forearms should once again face each other. This rotation back into impact should add power and square the club face
  • At impact, as the arms rotate through the ball, the right forearm should rotate and cross over the left until the left arm folds up and away before the golfer completes the follow through

The correct forearm rotation must be understood and practiced to produce the best golf shots.

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It is possible to have a limited swing and use almost no arm rotation at all. Unfortunately, this will rob the swing of its potential power. The rotation of the forearms will add punch and speed.

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Although the forearms need to rotate through the ball for accuracy and power, adding a snap (where the arms cross over extremely quickly) can breed inconsistency. The forearms should rotate but not be forced into a snapping action.

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When trying to control the arm rotation through the golf swing, many players become very stiff and grip the club tightly. To enable an effective rotation, golfers need to keep the arms relaxed to allow the muscles to work unimpeded.