You're Correct!

Golf ball flying to the cup. Zooming to the hole.

The way you manage yourself around the course is very important and not just reserved for the best players in the world.

Correct course management will see you think better and play better as a result. Its about picking your shots, identifying dangers and minimizing the risk of a card wrecking hole.

There are many different parts of strategy which are rolled into course management. It involves picking the correct club on all shots, the ideal ball flight and where the ball should land. But it also includes which would be the best side to miss the green or fairway, left, right, long or short. Not only is it about controlling the risks better, its about self-control; being able to have discipline and commit to a game plan.

To understand course management, lets imagine you are playing a hole and try to apply these points the next time you play.

The Hole

Imagine a par 3 hole which is 160 yards in length. The green is surrounded by deep bunkers all around the front and side. There are no bunkers at the back, just some light rough. The pin is positioned to the far right of the green, near the front edge. There is little wind and conditions are good.

The first thing players need to do is assess the weather conditions and then decide what shot to hit. Assessing the shot, players need to note the bunkers surrounding the hole to the front and side but not at the back. This should automatically turn a players mind to ensuring they have enough club to reach the hole as finishing short is not an option. The front right pin position is important to pay attention to. Attacking this pin brings the bunkers into play, it may be a better option to fly the ball into the center of the green and avoid danger.

Your natural ball flight will determine where you need to aim. A natural fader of the golf ball can aim at the left side of the green and cut the ball back. A drawer of the golf ball may need to aim at the hole but allow for the draw to bring a ball back into the center of the green.

After all these variables have been thought through its then time to move in and execute the shot.

Good course management is something every level of golfer can use to better their scores.

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Many golfers think like this and just swing at the ball not thinking a shot through. This is most noticeable when players pull their driver out on every conceivable tee and thrash at the shot. Taking the time to think through a shot and manage the dangers will drop your handicap down with very little effort.

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The last thing modern courses need is more slow play! But golfers need to realize in the long run they will take less time when hitting shots from the middle of the fairway and putting from the center of the green. Think through your shots.

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No matter your level, good course management will help you lower your scores. If you hit a big slice, take more care on swing speed and club selection when danger lies to the right, put the driver away and pull out the 3 wood; play the percentages!