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What Is A Proper Golf Swing SequenceThe golf swing sequence is one that confuses many amateur golfers and is a sequence they believe they will never be able to do because its only performed by the best in the world. This is incorrect because all players, even those with a limited flexibility, can perform a good golf swing sequence.

The sequence is started by good set up fundamentals which for driver are the following:

  • Neutral or close to neutral grip
  • Stance width wider than the shoulders (for example, the shoulders should fit inside the feet)
  • Weight slightly favoring the right side with the head behind the ball for higher ball flight
  • Ball position inside the left heel or in line with the left shoulder.
  • Strong posture with a straight back and chest out with a good distance from the ball
  • Straight left arm but not tense as this tension will go to your hands and prevent hinge.

Once this set up is achieved, the swing sequence has just become easier because the takeaway can be performed with width and stability. The takeaway should be wide by using a shoulder turn, straight left arm and keeping the left armpit relatively closed for a one plane swing.

The top of the swing should be compact with the left arm parallel to the shoulder line and the right elbow only slightly away from the body. The shoulders should be turned 90 degrees with the hips turned 45 degrees so they can be ahead of the upper body and initiate the down swing to the ball for maximum power. The hips will transfer the weight to the left side and rotate towards impact, pulling the upper body towards the ball with the right elbow tucking into the players side to give an in to out swing path and create more lag to deliver the final blow into the ball. The follow through position should be an extension to the target with a straight right arm and finish balanced on the left side.

The golf swing sequence can be a complex one because when one or more aspects are missing, the rest cannot be performed which leads to more swing faults.

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The golf swing is very much influenced by the rotation of the player during the swing. If the rotation becomes too much then the hips turn past 45 degrees and the shoulders go past 90 degrees which potentially can cause an over swing leading to loss of power and swing control.

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A two plane golf swing is steeper than a one plane swing. If the swing only consists of arms, it will lack power, control and consistency around impact. The swing should be a combination of rotation and the arms lifting.

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A good swing sequence is not determined by the speed of the swing but by the consistency of the strike, how straight the shots are and how far the ball can travel. These points combined will determine whether your swing has a good sequence to it.