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What Is A Power Fade Golf Driver ShotEvery player has what is known as a go to shot and this is generally the power fade where the player feels totally comfortable playing the shot under pressure and feels confident that the shot will perform exactly how it is expected.

When a golfer has a driver in hand, there are a lot of variables that can go wrong due to the length and loft of the club. The power fade is when the player can set up left of the hole and shape the ball exactly how they want to.

Now why doesnt a golfer use this go to shot every time? The answer is because it is a golf swing which sacrifices distance to create accuracy. For example, a player has a one shot lead coming up the last and its a par 5. They just needs to hit the fairway and then plot the next four shots but the drive is a difficult one. Hitting his go to shot will help him hit the fairway under immense pressure.

Most go to shots are power fades which give a left to right shape, slightly bigger than your normal fade shot. This power fade produces more back spin height so sacrifices some distance but will almost always find the fairway under pressure. Be aware that the power fade is something practised by golfers!

The power fade hits the ball higher and with more left to right shape in order for a softer landing on the fairway, it also has a great use for hitting the ball round dog legs and enabling the golfer to get closer to the corner to reduce the length of the next shot.

The set up fundamentals for the power fade is to aim the feet left of the target and possibly even the fairway with the club aiming half way between the line of the feet and the target. The swing will be parallel to the feet so that at impact, the swing path is out to in relative to the target, with the club face open to the path but closed to target, starting the ball left of the fairway and shaping it back all the way to the middle, creating a 10-20 yard fade shot.

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A power fade is something done intentionally by the player to sacrifice yardage and hit the ball accurately on to the fairway. A slice is an uncontrolled ball flight starting left of the target and missing right.

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Many golfers who slice the ball will jokingly say they hit the power fade but the fade shot should still finish on target. Its just a bigger version on the standard fade. A slice will finish right of the target.

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If your golf ball moves from right to left in the air and finishes on the target, this is known as a draw shot, however, if the movement is somewhat more exaggerated and finishes left of the target, this is a hook.