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What Is A One Plane Golf Swing?Now the first thing to get clear is that everything which turns or moves in the golf swing works around its own plane.

This includes the shoulder plane, hip plane, shaft plane, left arm plane, club head plane and several other planes which move when hitting a ball. The easiest definition of a one plane swing is when the club head takes the same path and plane away and through the golf ball; following the same path around the body.

There are a number of checkpoints you can use to see if you have a one plane swing, follow this guide and see.

  • The initial move away from the ball with the club should be long and low. This means you should keep the club low to the ground and extend the arms away from the ball
  • If successful, halfway back the club shaft should be parallel to the ground
  • When viewed from behind, the toe of the club will point up at the sky and be in front of the hands
  • From the halfway back position the wrists hinge upwards. This hinge, or cocking, of the wrists makes the club shaft point at the sky
  • At this point, the butt end of the club should point down towards the ball to target line
  • When the wrists have cocked, the shoulders turn and the left shoulder slides underneath the chin, turning the back to the target
  • A successful turn will see your left arm sit across the shoulder line at the top of the swing
  • From the top of the back swing the sequence of movements is reversed
  • The hips begin to turn into impact as the arms drop until the butt end of the club points down towards the ball to target line
  • From this point, the club travels back on the same path into the ball on which it was swung away
  • After impact, the club should continue up and mirror the back swing

Having a one plane swing is something many top pros have strived for throughout the years and could help improve the consistency of your ball striking.

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The shoulders should rotate around the spine angle turning on an axis slightly tilted towards the ball. It is possible to create a perfect shoulder plane rotation whilst moving the club back into a number of incorrect positions.

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The left arm plays an important role in the formation of a one plane swing. However, the left arm alone cannot dictate a one plane swing, it must move in conjunction with other parts of the body.

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This is something everyone wants to achieve! However, it is perfectly possible to drop the club on an excellent path during the back swing after having a very upright swing plane going back, for example. This would be a two plane swing.