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What Do People Call The Engine Of The Golf ClubThe shaft - the bit between the grip and the club head is the only way that the energy created in the golf swing can be transferred to the golf club head and then the golf ball.

The shaft is the part of the golf club responsible for getting the club head into the correct position at impact with the ball. That is the correct speed, path, loft and club face position. If the shaft does not match the golfers swing correctly then all of these factors cannot synchronize causing inaccurate shots and affecting golf scores for the worse.

Golf shafts used to be made of wood - hickory - that was shaved and sanded to be custom-made exactly how the golfer wanted them. This was achieved through trial and error but the results were extremely accurate. Bobby Jones clubs were tested using modern technology and they all matched in frequency, flex point, weight and swing weight - just as a set of clubs would in modern times. Currently, shafts are metal or steel and are mass produced accurately meaning that a bad shaft is very unlikely, but because of the hundreds of varieties on offer, getting the right shaft is a struggle for golfers.

Golf shafts are important as they can be matched with the golfers swing to change the flight of the golf ball and aid the golfer physically. Golfers have tried all sorts of different things with their clubs:

  • Move the flex point higher for lower shots
  • Move the flex point lower for higher shots
  • Changed from steel to graphite - Lighter for slightly more speed and physically easier to swing.
  • Higher or lower swing weight for different feel
  • More or less flex to change the feel and shape of shots

The key thing to consider when choosing the right set of clubs for you is to make sure that your clubs are custom fit to your swing.

This is usually free and allows an expert to measure aspects of your golf swing and ball flight such as club speed, back and side spin, launch angle, ball trajectory. Using this information, the expert can then predict exactly what type of club and shaft combination will maximize your swing and save you shots on the golf course.

Understand the engine of the golf club, get matched for your swing and improve your score with minimal effort.

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The shoulders create the energy but it is the transfer of energy to the ball that is important and so the golf shaft is termed the engine of the swing.

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The club head is the point of contact with the ball and its weighting and shape hugely influences the golf balls flight. However, the shaft is the part of the club that delivers the club head to the ball by flexing in the correct way and at the correct time.

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The hands deliver the club to the ball and generate a huge amount of speed but the club shaft must kick and flex in time with the hands to drive the club head to the ball with maximum power and accuracy.