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What Do People Mean When They Talk About Club Head Feel In The Golf Swing?Feel is such a subjective thing in golf that almost any explanation of it by an individual is likely to be correct to that person, but probably strange for someone else.

Also often what players “feel” in the golf swing doesnt bare any resemblance to what happens in reality. Club head feel normally refers to the sensation of striking the golf ball and the messages that strike sends up the shaft and into the hands.

A purely struck shot feels incredible as any long suffering golfer can attest to, just as a poorly struck shot can feel horrible! The reason a shot struck from the clubs sweet spot feels so good is because the strike nullifies vibrations sent up the shaft. When the ball makes an off centre contact with the club it will twist the head. This twisting will be felt by the golfer holding on to the grip. The worst feeling golf shot is often a strike from the toe of the club as this will twist the club head more.

The feeling transferred from the ball into the hands can be magnified by the type of club being used; especially the irons.

Forged Heads

Forged club heads are usually beaten into shape from a single billet of steel. This process usually results in a soft club head which feels incredibly solid and soft when struck well. It is the most common construction of iron used by the top professionals. Unfortunately, forged golf clubs are also some of the hardest to hit and less forgiving on off centre hits. This means the twisting of the club head through impact is normally intensified when hitting bad shots with forged clubs.

Cast Heads

Cast club heads were brought into the market by Ping and instantly revolutionized the game. Cast heads allowed manufacturers to move perimeter weighting around the club and offer more forgiveness on off centre hits. With cast heads, however, the feeling on shots is slighter harder and therefore do not offer the same sensation as forged heads when struck well.

Club head feel is the sensation of striking the ball well, or unfortunately, badly.

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The best feeling golf shots are a lack of vibrations traveling up the shaft because of a centre contact with the ball. A great feeling golf shot refers to the lack of vibrations not an excess of them.

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The weight of the club head is just one of the many factors that make up the overall feeling experienced when hitting the club. Every player will feel differently about what weight suits them best and there is no set measure.

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Shaft flex is an important part of what constitutes feel. However, well struck shots can feel great to the same person hitting a ladies flex shaft as to when hitting an x-stiff shaft, shaft flex has more to do with distance and direction than feel.