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What Are The Key Follow Through Check Points To Hit Sweet Hybrid Golf ShotsThe follow through is an area of the golf swing which can be easily overlooked because the ball has already been struck. However, just after impact is where the golf club is at its fastest speed making the follow through just as important as the rest of the swing.

Any player who just uses half a follow through, or is lazy once the ball has been hit, will have less authority through the impact zone due to a deceleration in swing speed.

The down swing is initiated by the hips transferring weight to the left side and rotating around the left hip as the right elbow tucks into the right side and then extends towards the ball at impact. This movement should then be followed through to extending the right arm towards the target, creating a mirror image of the back swing where the left arm was straight. The release will square the club to the target and continue to rotate after the shot is hit.

As the hips started the down swing, they will continue to pivot around the left hip and be facing the target first. The shoulders, arms and hands will follow with the club head in tow for maximum power.

A great drill to practise a consistent and repeatable follow through is to try and finish it half way but try and maintain the speed. The follow through should see you stretching towards the target with your right arm, the club face pointing left as you look at it, the hips pointing left of the target with the weight on the left side and the right foot on to the tip toes.

Practise this by starting at mid to short irons until you hit the ball well and then start to finish the swing before practising with woods and hybrids.

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Once the shot has been hit, check your body positions to see what could have been executed better and unless bodily capabilities do not allow for it, your right foot should be still flat on the ground. Check your hips because they are probably pointing right of the target meaning your rotation and weight transference wasnt complete through impact.

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You may see golfers on the tour walking after the ball or maybe not being able to hold their balance. This is just a recurrence of the player trying to hit the ball as hard as they can and losing their balance through impact. Its not a move that should be tried.

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Good golf equipment is essential to hitting the ball further and straighter, however, it will not help a player finish the golf swing in a stronger position.