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What Are The Advantages Of Using Hybrid Golf ClubsHybrid golf clubs have been developed by golf club manufacturers to provide golfers with the benefits that come from both fairway woods and irons. Hybrids are the best of both worlds and there are many advantages to using them, which is why nowadays the majority of golfers carry them in their golf bag.

The initial advantage of using hybrid golf clubs is their forgiveness with mis-struck golf shots. If you strike the golf ball from the centre of the golf face, or the sweet spot, you will achieve an accurate result. However, if you strike a ball from off centre, it can make the club face twist. If you connect with the ball more towards the toe, for example, the impact slows the movement in the toe down but the heel does not get slowed down as it does not impact with anything. As a result, the club face twists and the shot is hit inaccurately and off target. A hybrid club is designed with the weight further away from the club face and this allows the club head to resist the twisting action that off centre strikes produce, resulting in much more forgiveness and straighter golf shots even on off centre hits.

The fact the weight is further back in the club head also moves the clubs centre of gravity further away from the face. This enables you to get the golf ball struck into the air much more easily and at a higher trajectory. The more the golf ball travels in the air, the further forward it is travelling and therefore the more distance you will achieve on the shot.

The larger club head also means that the club has a larger sole as well. This is extremely beneficial if you tend to hit fat golf shots, where the club head strikes the ground before it strikes the golf ball. The larger sole means that the club head is designed to glide over the surface rather than dig into it and therefore a hybrid will clip the golf ball cleanly off the turf and transfer its speed into the ball to produce a long golf shot, rather than into the ground which would produce a short, low, fat golf shot.

The larger club head of a hybrid also makes the club look easier to hit. As you look down at the club, you can feel more confident from seeing the wider, broader club head next to the golf ball. When you look down at an iron, you only see a thin, narrow head next to the golf ball. This visual image is advantageous to players because the larger head makes you feel like you cannot miss.

Hybrids have many advantages from having a larger head than a conventional iron, but they also have the advantage of the shorter shaft length that you would find with an iron. The shorter shaft means that it is easier to control the club head as it moves around you during your golf swing. Hybrids have the advantage of having a larger head, as you would find with a wood, but the controllable length, that you would find with an iron.

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The advantages of playing hybrid golf clubs rather than longer irons are many. They are easier to hit into the air, give more forgiveness on off centre strikes so improve accuracy, produce a cleaner strike so improved shot length and make it easier to control the club head when you swing them.

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Hybrids are much easier to hit accurately and straight due to the design of the larger club head and positioning of the weight within this. Hybrid club heads resist the twisting action that happens with golf balls that are hit off centre, so they are much easier to use and produce straight golf shots with.

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The weight positioning in the club head of a hybrid results in the centre of gravity moving further away from the club face. The more the centre of gravity moves away from the face, the easier it becomes to hit high trajectory golf shots.