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What Are The Benefits Of A Face Balanced Golf PutterA face balanced putter is one of the most popular styles of putter being used by professionals and amateurs alike, but the benefits of this design will only work to its full potential within a specific type of putting stroke. This means you need to know what stroke type you have in order to match the head design of the putter. This will enable you to maximize your potential on the greens.

If you have a straight back and straight through putting stroke you will maximize your potential by using a face balanced putter. This is a putter that has the weight equally spread across the whole of the face and has its centre of gravity placed under the point where the shaft enters the head. This promotes the putter head to be more stable throughout the whole stroke; the face has almost no rotation at all as it maintains its position facing the target.

This means if you look to keep the face of the putter looking at the target throughout your stroke you will be a more successful using this putter type. You can check the balance of your putter by balancing the shaft across your fingertips and look to see if the face points directly to the sky. If it does then it is face balanced.

If you have a putting stroke that moves on more of an in to square to in arc then a face balanced putter will only lead to you being very inconsistent. This is due to the fact that your arc stroke needs a putter that has more of a toe-weighted bias. This helps the face to open a little in the backstroke and close a little in the through stroke. Using a face balanced putter with this stroke will see you miss lots of putts with pushes to the high side of the hole.

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If you have a nice, smooth straight back and through stroke then face balanced is the way forward for you, but if your putter moves on a more natural arc then you will push lots of putts. This will see you taking more putts than you should due to your putter face looking wide of the high side of the hole at impact.

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The position of the centre of gravity helps the putter face remain stable through impact. If you are looking for an easier way to control your speed then you need to work hard on the length of your backstroke and tempo, as it is this combination that will help you with your distance control.