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Should I Steer The Ball On To A Tight FairwayThe act of steering a golf ball means a lack of commitment in executing a golf shot. In this situation a golfer is wary of hitting a golf shot usually because of nervousness of either a tight hole, or because of the pressure of a game situation.

This results in a golf swing that is not full power, or full commitment, and is one where the golfer does not release the golf club properly through the ball with the hands. Instead, the golfer holds the club face tightly and tries to keep it square (pointing at the target) through the impact area. If the ball is struck correctly the ball will end up in the middle of the fairway but will not travel the full distance. More often than not the golfer hits a poor shot that is mis-hit or inaccurate.

Follow these points to avoid steering the golf ball:
1. Assess the shot - Where is the danger? Are there bunkers or water or trees? Can you pick a golf club that will avoid these dangers? If not pick a club that you trust and aim for a distance to hit that you are comfortable with.
2. Narrow your focus and heighten your concentration - identify a point in the fairway to land the ball. This could be something visual such as a discolored patch of grass, a slope or landing the ball in a lawnmower stripe on the fairway.
3. Take some practice swings - relax your hands more with each swing and imagine the shot that you want to hit. Make sure that you imagine where it lands and how it rolls - the more vivid the better.
4. Hit the shot - trust your swing. Let the club go and fully commit by attacking the ball rather than worrying about where it might end up. Accept the fact that sometimes golf shots go wrong but that you have more chance of hitting a good shot if you go for it.

Fully commit to each shot and hit more shots on the fairway when you need to.

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If you are so worried about losing your golf ball take less club for safety instead of hitting with less power.

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You always steer the ball on this hole which is why you have problems with it. You need to break the habit of playing badly. Do something drastically different for two to three rounds to rid yourself of the fear. For instance, play it in reverse - take a 6 iron off the tee and rescue club into the green instead of the other way around.

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This stops the problems of steering the golf ball but hitting a driver from every tee, especially a tight hole, is not an appropriate action either.