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correct answer Transfer weight to your right going back, left going through

First, lets define the term “reverse pivot.” It means the golfer shifts his weight to the left (for a right-handed golfer) on the backswing, then right on the downswing and follow-through. In other words, he reverses the proper weight shift sequence. One of golfs most common problems, the reverse pivot typically leads to weak slices and topped shots.

It sounds like an easy illness to cure. And it can be. But if youve been playing for years with a reverse pivot, youll need patience to uproot this ingrained bad habit.

Step No. 1: Determining whether you swing with a reverse pivot. The tell-tale sign, besides slices and tops, is finishing on your right foot instead of your left.

Step No. 2: Understanding why the reverse pivot causes poor shots. In a nutshell, moving away from the target slows your downswing, prevents you from releasing the arms and clubhead (rolling the forearms and hands) and moves the bottom of your swing arc to a spot behind the ball.

Now, lets fix this debilitating malady with a simple drill. Use a mid-iron to start with, then switch to longer clubs:

  • Assume a slightly narrowed stance, with the outsides of your feet aligned with the outsides of your shoulders.
  • The ball should be in the center of your stance.
  • Beginning your backswing slowly, lift your entire left foot off the ground.
  • Move into the downswing by placing your left foot back on the ground.
  • Continuing your swing, slowly lift the right foot as you pass through the hitting zone.
  • Finish with your right foot lifted and balanced completely on your left.

To get the hang of this drill, try several repetitions without hitting a ball. Make your first few attempts at contact very slowly, then add speed as you become more comfortable. This video provides a helpful demonstration: Weight Shift Drill

It may take a while to banish your reverse pivot for good, but the results will be worth every second spent.

Because the reverse pivot afflicts so many golfers, theres no shortage of tips and drills for fixing it. Follow these links to a few tried-and-trusted remedies:

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It stands to reason that reaching farther and higher with the arms should pull your body to the right on the backswing. Maybe. But the opposite can also be true. If your backswing gets too long, you may actually tilt toward the target by the time you reach the top. Unless you have a severely restricted backswing, going longer is rarely recommended.

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Not only will this fail to cure a reverse pivot, it will probably make the problem worse. Remember, you want to get weight off your left side going back. That said, you shouldnt compensate by leaning right at setup, either. Weight should be balanced evenly across the feet when addressing the ball.

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Since most golfers fail to rotate the shoulders enough on the backswing – ideally, about 90° to the target line – this is not advisable. A full shoulder turn is crucial to generating power and making an on-plane golf swing.