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Is It Ok To Have A Quick Tempo In My Golf SwingTempo is an extremely individual characteristic within a golf swing. Tempo is the speed that you make your back swing at relative to your down swing. If you imagine a pendulum swinging back and forth, the speed that it makes the back and forth movement at is its tempo.

This speed can be slow for one pendulum and then much faster on another pendulum. The actual speed that the pendulum moves at does not really matter, its the fact that the speed of the movement repeats over and over again. Its tempo is very consistent and you can see a rhythm as the pendulum swings back and forth at the constant speed.

The same principle applies to a golfer swinging a golf club. One golfer may swing with a very quick and fast tempo and another may swing with a much slower and more lethargic action. Both tempos are correct as golfers all have an individual tempo and what is important is to find the tempo that suits you. Think of watching people walking about in a busy town centre. You will see some people rushing as they walk in a hurry and then others will simply meander along. Everyone lives at their own individual pace of life. Some prefer a faster pace and others a much slower pace. Neither is right or wrong. But what is important is that the pace is constant.

Discover the tempo, or pace, that suits your swing. A quick tempo is fine if thats the kind of person that you are. Think of your favorite song. Is it fast or slow? Sing the song to yourself in your mind as you swing. Start the singing as you address the ball and then swing the club back on a particular part of the song, making sure you strike the ball on another particular word of the song. You could also do this by counting to yourself. Address the golf ball and then begin counting, one, two, three, etc. Hit half a dozen shots swinging the club back on say three, being at the top of your swing on five and then striking on six. If this feels too quick, count more numbers before you get to the

Experiment and see what gives you the best results as you strike, so that you learn your own tempo. Then once you know what is suiting you best, make sure you repeat this tempo constantly when out on the golf course to achieve your most consistent golf.

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Even if the shot is a short short shot a golfer would be more consistent if they adopt their normal swing tempo. Changes to the tempo will affect distance control, direction and strike.

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Every golfer is an individual, with individual characteristics within their own golf swing. Tempo is very much an individual thing within your golf swing and you should work on finding the tempo that works for you. Some golfers swing quickly, some much more slowly, but the same one tempo is not suitable for everyone. Establish your own tempo and apply that when you play.

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Whatever the tempo that suits your game, work on maintaining it as you play. Your tempo should remain constant, whether it is quick or slow does not matter, its the fact that it is repetitive and consistent. Working on keeping a consistent tempo will really improve your game.