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How Should I Learn To Hit A Punch Golf Shot?A punch shot is something which every golfer needs to have in their arsenal. It is a low penetrating shot which keeps the ball out of the wind and often proves more accurate than a normal full swing.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the tools required to hit a successful punch shot can be found within the set up. Altering the way you stand to the ball is vital to hit a successful punch. After these alterations have been made, the swing is relatively easy to accomplish. Follow this guide to hit a punch shot.

  • Make sure the ball is slightly further back than normal for your selected iron. If you are playing a 7 iron, for example, the ball should be just back of centre. This causes the angle of attack into the ball to increase, effectively de-lofting the club at impact and sending the ball lower
  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart and alignment as normal. With a punch shot, unless you are specifically trying to work the ball, keep the alignment as normal to the target
  • Posture should be the same as usual but with 60% body weight on the front foot. Again placing more body weight on the front foot will help increase the angle of attack
  • Lean the shaft forward, opposite the left thigh. This will help hit down on the ball and achieve a more consistent strike. The shaft lean combined with the ball position and weight distribution will all cause the club to travel into impact with a steep angle of attack
  • The back swing should be roughly three quarters in length both back and through keeping 60% body weight on the front foot. As well as being slightly shorter in length, the back swing should also have as little wrist movement as possible. Flicking the hands through impact would cause loft to be added and the ball to rise upward
  • After impact the weight should continue to move forward until the golfer comes to a nice high finish with a sawn off follow through

Practice altering the technique and striking down through the ball at a driving range before taking the new punch out on to the course.

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The punch shot can be used for more control and is especially useful on a windy day. However, before you head out onto the course, practice hitting this shot at the driving range. Practicing in windy conditions can often knock a players natural rhythm out of sync.

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Although a descending blow is required, golfers shouldnt try and hit down on the ball too hard as this will cause inconsistency of strike and distance.

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Because of the increased angle of attack when hitting punch shots, golfers need to keep their distance. If they get too close, the shanked shot may become a possibility!