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How Should I Move My Lead Arm For Crisp Golf Wedge ShotsWhen you see players with great wedge games, you may notice how simple and connected their swing motion looks. There are certainly no flashy elements to be seen. A great example of this is PGA Tour player Steve Stricker, one of the best wedge players who has a great technique to copy.

So how does the lead arm move during a wedge shot?

Firstly, you need to be in a good set up with the golf ball positioned centrally, a narrow hip width stance, and the shaft and weight a touch forward. The lead arm controls the radius and leverage in the swing and is required to stay straight throughout the swing. The lead arm should remain connected to the chest both on the back swing and follow through. The lead arm goes back up and is connected to the body and comes back down to the ball in the same manner remaining in connection with the chest.

Keeping the lead arm straight and connected will improve your strike and as a result, your distance control will be more consistent.

You can control the distance of your wedge shots by using the lead arm as a reference for swing length. A useful method is visualizing a clock face with the lead arm representing the clocks hand. For example, if the golf ball is at 6 oclock, swing back to 9 and through to 3 and monitor how far the ball carries. When faced with this yardage on the golf course, you will know the length of swing required for the shot.

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The lead arm controls the radius of the swing and also controls the low point of the golf swing. If we let the lead arm flex during the swing we are losing control of the swings low point and will find it extremely difficult to make consistent contact with the golf ball.

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At one time it was advized to aim open to the target and swing out and across the ball on wedge shots. This method is inconsistent and difficult to control distance, which is paramount to good wedge shots. Aim relatively square to the target and make a mini motion of the full swing.

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Your lead arm is the most important piece in controlling the swings low point and strike location on the ground. If your lead arm is not under control, you will hit thin, fat and duffed wedge shots on a regular basis. Keep that lead arm straight and connected to the body for improved consistency.